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Internet Privacy Policy


The purpose of this Website is to enhance our services to clients and expand our reach to other potential clients. This Website is not designed to support unsolicited, third-party engagement with our visitors and clients. We do not provide any information about our clients or Website visitors to third-parties for their use in spam e-mail, direct mail, or other unsolicited marketing methods. We aim to prevent such intrusion.


Stephen D. Bass & Associates designed this Website and takes responsibility for its content. However, we are not responsible for the content and management of third-party Websites in the event you visit another Website via a link from this site. You should be aware of the policies provided on other Websites when you visit them and always use caution when providing your confidential or sensitive information over the Internet.


This policy coincides with the site's Terms of Use and should be reviewed for changes or updates each time you visit this Website. Read the Terms of Use..


General Statement of Privacy

Our law firm abides by the rules of professional conduct and upholds the highest level of ethical standards and practices. We respect our clients' expectations to privacy and confidentiality of information. To ensure your information remains private and confidential, we encourage you to only use the specific methods established by this Website to submit claims and/or inquiries.